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Pregnancy and radiation exposure

How much is radiation a threat to pregnant women? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a fact sheet out for women who are pregnant or planning to and their risk of radiation. The fact sheet seeks to help them understand the health effects to the mother and to the fetus.

The fact that CDC has a fact sheet out means that this is a serious issue.

Exposure of a fetus to radiation has a technical/medical term – it is known as “prenatal radiation exposure”. This occurs when the mother’s abdomen is exposed to radiation from outside the body. However radiation can also happen if a pregnant woman unwittingly swallows and or breathes in radioactive materials.

The seriousness of the issue depends on the amount of radiation and the gestational age of the fetus. The Fetus is most at risk in its early envelopment: between 2 and 18 weeks.The first two weeks of pregnancy is when the baby faces serious risk including death. At this time the baby is made up of a few cells. Damage to just one cell can lead to the death of the embryo even before a mother knows they are pregnant.

During the first 2 weeks of pregnancy, the radiation-related health effect of greatest concern is the death of the baby.” CDC

The CDC makes it clear that the health consequences for the fetus can be serious even when the radiation is too low to make the mother sick.

These consequences for the fetus or baby are
1. Stunted growth
2. 2.Deformities
3. 3.Abnormal brain function
4. Cancer (this can develop later in life).

One of the most severe consequences of radiation exposure is that it can result in cancer later in one’s life. Babies have been found to be especially sensitive to cancer causing effects of radiation. However it depends on the amount of radiation the baby is exposed to.

If the radiation dose is the same as 500 chest x-rays – the increase in cancer risk would be less than 2%.( above the normal lifetime cancer risk of 40 to 50%).

Experts say that babies who receive a small dose of radiation are less likely to have birth defects as they are of developing cancer later in life.In other words their risk of developing cancer in the future increases-as opposed to getting birth defects.

Birth defects can result from larger doses of radiation when the baby is between weeks 2 and 18.This is especially so for the brain. This is what happened to fetuses that were exposed to radiation when the atomic bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It resulted in lower IQs and even severe mental retardation. The babies also suffered stunted growth up to 4% shorter than average people. They also had increased risk of birth defects.

After the 18th week of pregnancy radiation effects on the baby are greatly reduced unless the fetus is exposed to high levels of radiation ( i.e. more than 5000 chest x-rays at one time). However at this time the mother should also be showing signs of radiation exposure.

After the 26th week, the fetus level of sensitivity to radiation is the same for new born babies. Birth defects are less likely to occur but the risk of cancer later in life increases.

There are several steps that pregnant women and those who think they could or are planning to be pregnant should take.

First they should not place their laptops, ipads or any other radiation devices on their laps or abdomen.( click here to learn why this is dangerous)

They should also ensure that they stay as far away from dirty radiation as possible. They should re-arrange their living spaces as well as their work spaces.This means moving electronic devices around and ensuring that the living place is one with the minimum EMF exposure. However to do this you need to get an EMF “radiation meter” that measures all types of “dirty radiation” including magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection. There is only one device that does all this. Find its review here.

There are several tools available to pregnant women to protect themselves from radiation.Some of the most popular are the anti radiation Belly Armor belly blanket. It actually shields up to 99.9% of incoming radiation. It is very important for pregnant women who are travelling and have to go through multiple X ray machines in airports. Indeed if you wrap it around your cell phone it completery loses its signal.

You can get the blanket for best prices at Amazon.click here

The same company also has a popular anti radiation belly band- click here to learn more.

There are also a variety of Anti Radiation maternity clothes.

Laptop radiation Pads . These pads do reduce the EMF that is detectable by a meter.

Laptop Mount: A quality Laptop Mount which can place your laptop 3- 6 inches away from your body .This mount can also absorb the heat. Check out this one which is quite popular.

There are screen protectors that can reduce up to 99% of the ELF/VLF E Fields.

Some people use Radiation grounding mats to protect themselves.

It is clear that laptop radiation-may not kill you- although it can kill your baby- it can also negatively affect the health of your baby. While the effect may not be dramatic and noticeable- it can be hazardous over a long period of time.For example increasing the risk of cancer over the lifetime of the baby. Using some precautions even some protective tools and devices is advisable.

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