Radiation Alert INSPECTOR Microprocessor-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

Radiation detector buying guide

Recent incidents in Fukushima Japan relating to nuclear plants damage have raised the issue of radiation once again.
While there is not much ordinary people can do, they can acquire a radiation detector.

This device is useful for checking the levels of potentially harmful ionizing particle sand rays in the environment including the naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) .It can also be used for gross wipe counting, checking contamination in packages, and carrying out required radiation inspections and even for homes.The best detection meters are those which have a LCD display for easy reading and which display Millirem mR) per hour.

The detection meter should be able to recognize different types and low levels of ionizing radiation .The best detectors also have an adjustable timer which keeps a tab on radiation level increases. In addition it will flash a light or beep as the ionizing radiation increases.

Many customers also like detectors that hold calibration well and have easy battery replacement.

While many detectors do not measure above 40 mrme per hour- this is not a problem for general use. The more exact or higher measurement is suited for laboratory inspectors.

Of course caution is crucial as some of the detectors can break the LCD display if dropped.

One of the best detectors that meet these requirements is the Radiation Alert inspector radiation detector. However the stocks are depleted due to many orders that have surfaced after the Japan radiation incident. However click below to learn more about where you can get it and read customers reviews. One of the best radiation detectors is the Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector.

Product Features

Radiation detector used to check levels of potentially harmful ionizing particles and rays in the environment and in objects such as particle accelerators, x-ray shielding, and industrial gauges
Detects ionizing radiation types such as alpha and beta particles, and gamma rays and x-rays
Dual-scale analog meter with needle-point display of counts per minute (CPM) and milliRoentgen (mR) per hour
Three selectable operation ranges of X1, X10, and X100 for adjustment when peak mR levels are met
Red, flashing counter and a beeping noise indicate each ionizing radiation increase event

Learn more and see prices of the Radiation Alert MONITOR4 Analog-Based Ionizing Radiation Detector

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