Radiation effects of the Ipad on kids and children

The April 2011a Tsunami damaged anuclear plant at Fukushima Japan and reminded all of us about the ever present danger of radiation- in this case nuclear radiation. Recently the Storm Sandy that devastated the East coast of the USA led to the closure of at least one nuclear plant- in order for officials to ensure that there was no damage or radiation leak. These events renewed fears about radiation and resulted in a mad rush for radiation detectors- which drove their prices up astronomically and led to shortages . These events added to existing concerns about chemicals in our food from food dyes to toxins as well as household electronics.
There has also been anti radiation devices that have been developed to deal with issues of EMF and radiation such as the EMF protection devices and products and Pong anti-radiation case for ipad .

Ipad Radiation Kids and Children
According to the New York Times there are some serious physiological effects of electronics on young minds. However the bigger question is- do they pose a radiation risk ? It is becoming evidently clear that the many electronic devices in our homes exposes us to radiation.No wonder devices sucha s Pong anti-radiation case for ipad have been developed due to high public demand. The only question is whether the radiation levels can rise to dangerous levels especially when kids cling onto their devices for hours on end.

We are especially concerned about devices which children use for lengthy period such as cell phones and Ipads. Unlike us, childrens’s are still developing and therefore more vulnerable. Many argue that radiation emission from these devices levels are low and are no cause for alarm. They tell us that these devices have been certified and tested to meet the governmental and international standards for electromagnetic emissions. That may well be so.

But these are the same things that were said about smoking cigarettes and asbestos exposure in the last decades.That did not turn out very well. To assume that government advice is invaluable is a big mistake – not because the governments seeks to deliberately lie- but it sometimes just does not have the information.

Is this Safe?

All electronic devices emit EMF radiation . See the video below to learn how much dirty radiation we are exposed to.

One expert has conducted some shocking tests on some of these devices and argued strongly that dirty radiation levels are too high. He proposes the use grounding mats and re arranging our work and living spaces to reduce these high levels of radiation.

In the video below you can see the differences between levels of radiation on the front and the rear of the ipad. The levels are upwards of 5000 uW/m2 towards the desk and 39000 uW/m2 towards the person’s face and chest. Of course this is much higher than the 0.3 -0.8 uW/m2 that is natural range of non ionizing radiation found in the absence of wireless technology.

Considering that children’s physiological development is still taking place- it is reasonable to wonder how much they are affected by the radiation from electronic devices. In addition, government radiation tests are based on average electronic devices usage- which can be as low as 1 hour a day. We are therefore unaware of what 5 or six hours of use of these devices can do – to the health of our kids.

If you are concerned about this issue- there is now a long line of products that are coming to the market with the goal of reducing radiation exposure for electronic devices such as Ipads.

Here are some of the things that we can do to minimize our family’s radiation exposure.

First we can re-arrange our work space, sleeping and even children’s rooms to limit exposure to dirty radiation. This means moving electronic devices around and ensuring that the living place is one with the minimum EMF exposure. You can also create a safe EMF zone with a safe space Radiant Room which will keep EMFs away from a space 400 squares inches.
Best EMF protection- safe space – Radiant Room

However to do this you need to get a “radiation meter” that measures all types of “dirty radiation” including magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection. One of the popular and best seller devices to do so is the Radiation alert inspector .
However if you are concerned about EMF radiation only you can get the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter.best EMF meter

“This device works perfectly. Very good and sensitive for needs for health and wellness to know how much microwave radiation we are exposed to. Try turning it on near your microwave oven while it’s running and see how far you have to back away to be safe”. Read the rest of this review here.

Secondly -you can protect your kids and children from Ipad radiation by using an anti-radiation case for ipad. They have proven to shield radiation.
“While researching [Ipad] cases I stumbled across an article in WIRED online. In the article they did some pretty in depth testing that showed the benefits of reduced radiation and preservation of the out going 3G signal while using the Pong case”. To read the rest of this customer review Click here . The most popular ones- they get a 5 out of 5 star ratings star from customers- and best selling are the Pong anti-radiation case for ipad .

ArsTechnica’s Jon Phillips actually visited an FCC compliance lab, Cetecom Inc, to observe the testing of the Pong anti-radiation cases .He found that the case does what it says( reduces radiation and increases 3G signal) You can read his technical findings here.

Thirdly,you may want to protect your family with grounding mats featured in the video above.

Fourthly you can now turn your Iphone, Ipad , Ipod touch or any other device based on Apple’s IOS platform into a radiation detector.
This will be able to measure radiation levels in many different situations.

Radiation from Ipads will not kill ( at least in the short term) us but excessive exposure to radiation especially for children is dangerous.And not all EMF protection devices and products are scams. We dont want to be guinea pigs for researchers and find that our kids have developed radiation related ailments 10 or even 20 years down the road. We dont want to be filing class action law suits down the road as people do today in regards to asbestos and second hand cigarette smoke. If there are some easy steps, some which cost nothing , one can take to protect themselves, and their families especially kids – there is no reason not to take them.

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